20 random facts about me (in case you’re curious)

I don’t like coffee, but I am a huge fan of teas and Caribou’s coffeeless coolers.

I have had 26 cats at once.

I’ve been to five different countries and most of the States.

I stood there in horror as my boyfriend picked a bat off the ceiling of a cave in the Amazon jungle.

I love Disney and Pixar movies.

Two of my high school teachers are still some of my best friends.

I worked in the fields detasseling, derouging, and/or pollinating for five stinkin’ years.

I’ve played the piano for fifteen years. (doesn’t mean I’m good though)

Never been to Florida or Hawaii. Someone please take me.

I can’t stand the feel of photograph paper or styrofoam.

My favorite books are “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak, and “Outlaw” by Ted Dekker.

I love jr. mints and yorks.

If I was to have a completely different life I would be a professional ballerina and potter living in New York.

I sang my first solo when I was 4.

I dislike politics.

Out of 40-50 students at a puppet boot camp when I was 11, I won the first place trophy in puppet competitions plus many other awards.

I love Anne of Green Gables and I swore I wouldn’t marry anyone except Gilbert Blythe, and then a modern-day Gilbert came into my life and became my boyfriend.

I want to go to Sweden as a missionary.

I can write in Dwarvish.

There’s nothing in this world I love more than Jesus Christ, my Savior and King.


Tips for Reading as an ADHD Adult

I am currently being majorly distracted from the homework I should be doing right now, but I suppose I needed a break now anyway. So… shall we?

I used to be able to read a ton as a kid. Fiction novels kept me occupied for hours. But once I started having to read for educational purposes, reading became strenuous, as my attention span lessened.

However, yay me, I have collaborated some awesome tips on staying focused while reading something mandatory. I Googled some ideas while I was trying to stay focused on the book I’d left stranded on the top bunk, an some of them I had come across from my own experience in trying to stay focused.

With no further adieu, here are a few tips for reading as an ADHD adult:

  1. Take frequent, 2-3 minute breaks.
    -Any more than that and you’ll be a goner for a while. Be strict about your breaks, and plan what you’ll do during them. Pace, stretch, dance, rock out to “Overcomer” by Mandisa, freak out to a friend about how much you’ve read so far, clear your desk, etc.
  2. Use a blank piece of paper (such as an index card or a book mark) to guide your reading.
  3. Wear something specifically designated for focusing on reading (a hat, bracelet, etc.) and remove it when you’re doing something other than reading.
    -This also helps for tests, similar to the “chewing gum” theory. So if you wear the same hat while you take the test as you did when you were studying for it, you’ll likely be put into that mindset you had while you were studying and be able to recall stuff more easily.
  4. Use a particular location for reading use only.
    -Be sure there are no devices or any kind of distraction in that area, so you don’t become tempted to hang out with Instagram instead of your textbook.
  5. Read out loud.
    -Either in your room by yourself, or read out loud to people who have to read the same material.
  6. Ask yourself questions about what you are reading.
    -Or even pre-making generalized worksheets gives you something like min-goals as you read, something to keep yourself moving toward.
    Example questions could include, “What is the main goal of the author in this book?”, “How many times does the author quote someone?”, or “What practical life advice can I gain from this particular chapter?”

First and foremost, however, it helps me greatly to pray before  start reading. I ask the Lord to show me something in this book He wants me to be enlightened by and share with others, and that He will give me some supernatural focus skills. Or just the general ability to focus. But supernatural seems far more accurate sometimes.

I hope this helps!

I’m going to try and heave myself back up to my bunk and reattempt this reading thing…

A List of Reasons For Finally Starting a Blog

I created this blog for various reasons (and apparently there are approximately ten of them):

  1. My imagination and creativity primarily show through art and music, but ever since I was nine I have filled over 45 journals with my own writing from cover to cover. So a couple years ago I felt like perhaps it was time that my handwritten rants and spiels about life shouldn’t be as concealed. Rather, perhaps I should put some of my stuff to good use, and learn a bit about what it takes to write a quality article. Meanwhile, I’ll probably discover whether or not this is something I’m actually good at, or maybe I should just stick to keeping the spiels in my journal. Also, in the meantime, y’all will get to experience some weird blog posts about some kind of random stuff. Have fun!
  2. I like to talk about Jesus. He is everything to me, so there will be a lot of stuff about this vitally important aspect of my life.
  3. I have created probably 3 or 4 different blogs, and I cannot remember for the life of me what they’re called or what sites they were even on. I just really enjoyed designing them, and fantasizing the day I’d actually write something good enough to post.
  4. I was ultimately and finally inspired by several friends who also have blogs, and they basically just write stuff from their heart. I think that’s incredibly admirable and inspiring. I’ve got some super creative friends.
  5. Analyzing stuff is something that I do quite often, and so why not…I guess…post it?
  6. I like making lists (which wasn’t very apparent, I’m sure), and I’ve found that blogs are great places to make analytical lists about life.
  7. I know Latin. Which has nothing to do with anything, (but I just love the fact that I can say that about a dead language. It just makes me happy).
  8. I also have a bit of ADD, which makes life pretty exciting.
  9. I really didn’t need a ninth point, or an eighth or a seventh, sixth or fifth really. But because lists—and that sort of goes hand-in-hand with a bit of OCD…
  10. …I shall conclude it with a tenth.