No Turning Back

It was a long way down
from that uphill peak;
I’m tearing down bridges
and not letting love leak.
From rebuilding walls
and replacing my mask,
I’ve become someone else,
turning away from the past.
It’s an uphill battle:
I’m facing defeat,
and I constantly struggle
on my two left feet.
I fight back the passion
for bitter remorse,
and I face this new path;
I’ve mapped out my course.
Onward I march
to this old destination
of wonder and heartache
and dark contemplation.
If I cannot die
to my hopeless heart,
I must allow Jesus
to take over this part.
My hand rests on each place
where my heart was so tender,
and I scream at the sky,
“At the cross, I surrender!”
I pause, looking on:
the future’s on track.
I sprint at full force: