I rushed up to grandpa as he walked in and asked if he’d like to be the first one to try my creation and also that he’d get to be a model if he did. I handed him a plate of it as soon as he said yes and I snapped some pictures. Forgive me for my camera phone’s quality, but I think my grandpa’s pretty cute:


The caramel bread pudding was fairly easy to make. I meant to make it the day before, and was completely prepared to track the prep time, but I got distracted with other shiny things. Yesterday, however, I managed to actually make it, and had so much fun that of course I forgot to record the prep time. Again.

I scalded the milk first, then added the melted sugar it required, and the result was not expected! Apparently when you add melted sugar to scalded milk it hardens immediately in a big bubble of what looks like a solidified, brown mushroom cloud. But this candied explosion dissolved in about four minutes, and it made me really miss science classes. Not really. I just wished my science classes had been that exciting.

I had the eggs ready and added them as soon as the sugar was dissolved, then mixed half of that concoction to the prepared bread crumbs in a separate bowl. The half without the breadcrumbs I added vanilla and salt, then put that into the breaded stuff as well. All of that was put into a small casserole dish and into the oven for almost an hour and a half.

It was required to bake for 55-60 minutes, but after several extra 7-minute increments, I gave up and let it be super…moist.

I made some whipped cream to put on top for as soon as it was cooled. No one else tried this dessert without the whipped cream, so everyone in my family gave it a 4 out of 5 stars. Mom said it was a little bit like pumpkin pie. I somewhat agree, but I thought it tasted a little more on the mushed graham crackers side because I was the only one who ate it without the whipped cream, so consequently…

My rating: ★★★☆☆

The recipe was fun and fairly easy to make. But I would personally consider it more of a snack or a breakfast sweet than specifically a dessert. It wasn’t especially unique, and the caramel taste was barely noticeable. I think it would give it a fun taste with some nutmeg or a some such festive spice. But to enhance the caramel flavor it might be helpful to include some corn syrup and butter. Aside from oven time, it probably took me about 15 minutes to throw it together.


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