My boyfriend and I racked our brains for what we should do for a fancy date while he was visiting me from 10 hours away. We’re both broke college students, so even though the rural area I live in has pretty nice restaurants for a decent price, they still kind of made us wince. Then we had the idea to borrow some of my mom’s fancy dishes, candles, and a couple of cute table cloths, and set up our own little restaurant in my grandparent’s gazebo. Mom packed up for us extra Swedish meatballs and a salad she’d made, and I put together this recipe.

Blog--recipe 7

Bless her heart, mom helped a lot with this one as I was on a major time crunch. It started out with putting together the blueberry gelatin base. But since I had bought canned blueberry filling, I used that instead. It was almost exactly the same thing, and tasted marvelous. Though sometime I should experiment with the difference. The next gelatin layer was more challenging. I scalded the milk, added the sugar and salt, then gelatin and water mixture, but I got impatient with its chilling speed and stuck it in the fridge while I took a shower. The next thing I knew, I was blow drying my hair and mom asked if the gelatin was supposed to be tough. “No, it’s supposed to be like molasses…?” I called down the stairs. And mom helped me fix that one. It ended up tasting great, and the texture wasn’t too shabby.

I chose to put pecans in the whipped cream mix, and I halved the maraschino cherries. They didn’t give an exact amount, so I did the abominable and improvised.
I’m terrible at improvising.
But it turned out okay!

Mom also helped by layering it all into the glass bowl and decorating the top with more pecans and cherries.

This dessert was a little thicker than a typical pudding, most likely because I had the whole thing in the fridge for a good hour, but all in all the dessert was thoroughly fantastic. My boyfriend loved it. We weren’t able to eat the whole thing ourselves, only a small serving each, because it was pretty filling. He and I definitely snacked on it later though.

I did share this one with my mom, even though I said I was going to keep it just for my boyfriend and I. She helped make it, after all.

She rated it three out of five stars.
My boyfriend rated it five out of five stars.

My rating: ★★★★☆

Prep time was maybe a half hour…I should stop trying to record the prep time because I never remember to jot it down in the moment.

I seriously loved this dessert, and I’m definitely making it again!


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